Protect Your Metabolic Health with PQQ

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the benefits of CoQ10 therapy for cardiovascular, cognitive, and metabolic dysfunction, but are you aware of the next nutrient superstar to support new generations of mitochondria for healthy aging? A newly discovered vitamin-like compound called PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) has been shown in clinical studies to support memory, attention, sleep quality, feelings of well-being, and overall cognitive health and function. These benefits result from PQQ’s antioxidant functions, ability to generate new mitochondria, and protect neurons and nerve function. This means less inflammation in your brain and vascular tissues and more energy production.

Consider this: every cell in your body houses between 3000-5000 mitochondria, which are essentially the energy factories of life. They produce ATP, the chemical energy that keeps us alive. Without their support, our cells would perish, and so would we. Unfortunately, the health of our mitochondria is declining, as evidenced by the rising rates of chronic disease. In fact, mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic disease are two sides of the same coin, with one often leading to the other. This duo is now recognized as the primary cause of most chronic diseases, with the U.S. ranking #1 in diabetes, #2 in Alzheimer’s Disease, #5 in cancer, and #6 in cardiovascular disease.

If your aim is to lead a long, healthy life free from chronic diseases, your top priority should be to support and protect your cellular mitochondria. This can be achieved by making the following diet and lifestyle changes:

  • Replace the Standard American Diet of ultra-processed foods, industrial seed oils, refined grain-based carbohydrates, and sugar with whole, fresh animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts/seeds. Our nutrient-dense ancestral diet, which resembles the carnivore/ketogenic/paleo styles of eating, has consistently been shown to normalize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, improve metabolic health, and prevent chronic disease.
  • Move your body by engaging in some form of exercise. Resistance training (weightlifting) is the most effective way to increase muscle mass and improve metabolic parameters.
  • Supplement your diet with CoQ10 and PPQ to help protect existing mitochondria from oxidative stress and damage while building a new generation of mitochondria for healthy aging.


Michael Chase, MS, NTP
Nutrition Science and Dietetics

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