Natural & Organic Bulk Foods & Spices

Are you looking for a small quantity of salt, or maybe some beans or pastry flour? Maybe you want to taste a particular granola before buying a larger quantity, well we have you covered. Chase’s Market has the largest selection of natural/organic bulk foods and spices in the region. Shopping our bulk section is a great way to save money while getting a fresher product, and we’re always happy to give you a sample if you’re curious about how something tastes. Our bulk spices section is the largest in the area and most of the selections are organic. Buying spices in the bulk can save a significate amount of money!
We have an extensive selection of gluten free bulk foods that are separated from the other bins for convenience and safety. We also carry an excellent variety of organic rice, beans, flours, grains, ethnic foods, vegan/vegetarian bulk, nuts, trail/snack mixes, whey protein, salt, sugar, and baking mixes.
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